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32 week Bumpdate

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Helooooo week 32!  Pregnancy is funny, yall.  I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER but at the same time it’s kind of flying by!  This time around has definitely been harder then the rest, though.  I think for me it just gets harder each time because there is more to do while pregnant and I’m just a VERY TIRED GIRL when I’m pregnant! haha

As most of you know if you’ve been following my pregnancy, I have a pretty large fibroid that popped up during my first trimester.  This whole time I thought I would be required to get a C Section because it would be “blocking the exit door” if you know what I mean.  But during my ultrasound this week we found that it was actually RIGHT in the spot where the c section incision would have to be which would be and a typical c section would be pretty dangerous.  So a regular vaginal birth was recommended untilllll we saw that baby girl is breech.  I swear yall, I can’t even make this stuff up.  So I go back in 4 weeks for yet another ultrasound to see if she has turned and if she hasn’t I’ll have to get a c section but with the incision much higher than normal so it’s visible in a bathing suit.  BUT OH WELL.  I’ll wear that scar proudly if that happens!  Baby sis is happy and healthy and that’s really all I care about!

HOW FAR ALONG: 32 weeks!   Baby girl is the size of a winter squash.. or head of lettuce.. or a puppy according to 3 different apps.  haha I don’t know what kind of puppy they are talking about buy my European Golden was a HUGE puppy so I really don’t think that is an accurate depiction. But she is about 16 or 17 inches long and weighs around 4lbs at the moment!

DUE DATE: September 21st.

WEIGHT GAIN: HA… ok, full disclosure.  I can’t work out during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters because I have SO many Braxton Hicks contractions when I move around too much which did cause me to go into pre-term labor with Lofton.  So with that being said… I have gained 35 lbs already!  I’m sure I’ll gain at least another 5+ pounds though!

NAME: We will be sharing her name once she arrives! But you know it will be an “L” name!  Any guesses?   I will tell you that her initials are LKS!

CRAVINGS: Even though I never really had SERIOUS cravings, I have been eating weird foods.  haha But those have kind of slowed down.  I’ve been trying to stay super hydrated so that kind of keeps me from getting too hungry and wanting something super unhealthy.  I still like sweets and carbs and I’m letting myself eat them for now because they make me happy… and a happy mama = a happy baby, right?

AVERSIONS: Nothing… This is probably why I’ve gained so much weight!  haha  Everything is yummy to me!

SYMPTOMS: So last week I thought I was going into preterm labor!!  It was a Tuesday and I was at the office all day long and on my feet a lot and probably not drinking enough water because around 4pm I started getting some braxton hicks contractions that would come every 2 minutes like clockwork!  But they didn’t hurt, just got super tight so I knew it was false labor.  But after about 90 minutes of this I texted my doctor and she said to go home, chug some water and lay down and if they didn’t stop I needed to go to the hospital to get checked out.  So  after about 2 more hours of this (I should have already gone to the hospital but I was stubborn… have you seen the price of hospital bills lately?!) so finally around 7pm they started to actually hurt and make me REALLY uncomfortable.  I had chugged about 120 oz. of water at this point and then took a shower and packed a bag to go to the hospital when they finally subsided.  So I’ve been staying off my feet and staying SUPER hydrated ever since!!

But other than that, it’s just getting hard to move around.  Poor sweet sweet baby Lofton has been the BIGGEST help and this whole time has been asking for a 4th baby since he wants this baby to have a sister to play with just like he has a brother to play with… well last night he finally said, “mom, maybe this should be your last baby.  I don’t like it when you are hurting, it makes me sad.”  I mean…. MELT. I almost started crying because I though I was being so tough for him but he could see right through it. 

PHYSICAL CHANGES: My baby bump is massive! No other way to describe it.  My breakouts are getting much better because of the Sunday Riley UFO oil. I mean, seriously yall.  It’s the only thing that works for mild acne and it is also hydrating because of the oil so it clears your skin but doesn’t leave it super dry!! GO BUY IT NOW.  No stretch marks at all YET.  I skirted by with just a few on my sides with Linden but they are totally unnoticeable. I didn’t use any stretch mark cream on my sides so that’s probably why they popped up there!!  But I am still using this lotion from Palmers every night and so far, nothing!

EXERCISE: *rolling my eyes* lol NOPE. But I am pinteresting a ton of diets and workouts for after the baby gets here! Does that count?

MOST EXCITED ABOUT: Seeing my boys become big brothers to a baby sister.  They are already SO in love and I just know they will be amazing with her!!

LEAST EXCITED ABOUT: Labor itself scares me always…. And this time it’s scary not knowing if I’ll have an actual labor process or a scheduled C section that could potentially result in me beading to death… OK that’s dramatic but in all seriousness, if this fibroid gets cut it could cause some serious bleeding which would be pretty terrible… so I’m nervous about that!

SKINCARE: Lots of questions on this as well.

  • Morning and night I use this cleanser — I’ve tried a lot of cleansers and this one just seems to do the trick with getting all of my makeup off and cleaning my skin without leaving it dry or irritated.
  • Mornings I use this sunscreen — You just can’t protect your face enough in the summer sun and this one is undetectable after you put it on your face… not greasy at all!
  • Nigh I use this serum — Here’s the thing… (before anyone jumps on me for using acne treatments while pregnant) This is a salicylic acid facial oil.  And yes, salicylic acid IS Aspirin which is contraindicated for oral consumption during pregnancy.  HOWEVER.  It’s not contraindicated to use an OTC topical treatment as needed when the amount of salicylic acid is so low. So if you are super strict about what you put on your skin, you can skip this.  My doctor said it’s fine to use once a day as needed for when my skin starts breaking out.
  • Morning and night I use this moisturizer — It’s an oldie but a goodie!
  • Morning and night I use this cream for preventing stretch marks. I used this all throughout my pregnancy with Lofton and never got a stretch mark. So far, it’s prevented stretch marks this pregnancy as well. (I did get some stretch marks on my sides with Linden but I wasn’t applying the lotion on my sides, just my belly!)
  • As for my tanning routine, I pretty much stick to St. Tropez mousse. I use this all over my body as well as my face.  Make sure you get the mitt to apply it!

Products I’m loving:

For Mom:

  • Moonlight Pajamas – It’s no secret that I love the pajamas! They are not maternity but they are SUPER stretchy and I am practically living in them right now!  They button up the front so they are perfect for nursing after the baby comes as well!  They come in a summer version too with shorts and short sleeves! I have the floral set right now but I’m buying this set next!
  • Cosabella Nursing Bras – Like with my boys, I’m planning on nursing this baby at least for a few months, so I’m starting to stock up on nursing bras. This one is gorgeous and also comfortable.  It’s perfect for days when you want to feel a little more put together. This nursing bralette is also SO cute under tanks!
  • Medela Nursing Sleep Bra – These bras are great for sleeping (when you still need to keep those nursing pads in place) and for days you are just hanging around the house. I lived in these through my last 2 pregnancies so they are a must-have in my opinion!
  • Ingrid & Isabel – I just love this brand for cute tops and dresses! This is one of my favorite comfy dresses, comes in so many colors and works throughout your entire pregnancy and it’s currently ON SALE. I also love this top! I ordered it for Easter but I’ve worn it so many times!
  • Denim Shorts – I personally love my LJ denim shorts and they are stretchy enough to work under the bump until at least month 7 BUT they are all gone…. These shorts sold out FAST at our Pink Friday sale so make sure to snag the things you want pretty quick because stuff does sell out! If you don’t have an LJ pair, this pair is something you should stock up on for spring and summer! Maternity clothes aren’t always the easiest to find cute options, but these shorts are definitely win.
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – The best for preventing stretch marks! I used all throughout my first two pregnancies and didn’t get a single stretch mark. As soon as I found out I was pregnant again, I started using it. I apply every night and after I shower.
  • Snoogle Pillow – The best invention ever. Being pregnant makes it really difficult to get comfortable in bed. I’m a back sleeper and you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back while pregnant.  With my last two pregnancies I would sometimes move around in my sleep because I wasn’t comfortable and wake up on my back anyways! This time around I’m doing things differently.. this pillow makes it comfy to sleep on your side so no need to worry about moving around in your sleep!

For Baby:

  • DOCKATOT – These are all the rage right now!  While they are a bit pricy, every single review says they are 100% worth the price!! We didn’t have one with the boys so I’m anxious to get my hands on one for baby sister! It’s perfect for lounging and making sure your baby is safe when not in your arms.
  • Baby Bling Headband – I love these bows because they have a super comfy jersey headband attached and they are machine washable! I’ve already started stocking up on these adorable bows!
  • Copper Pearl bibs and swaddles – The softest materials and I love the adorable bandana bibs! We loved these for the boys but it was fun to pick out new prints and colors for baby girl.
  • Aden and Anais swaddles – always love the prints on these muslin blankets. So many great colors and patterns! Also love LOVE their bibs!
  • The Ollie Swaddle – I’ve been eyeing this swaddle for a while and I’m anxious to get one for baby girl! It’s supposed to help with the transition from the womb and helps to reduce the Moro [startle] reflex in babies.  So if your baby is having trouble staying asleep, this would be a great investment!
  • Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – OK, when I’m grocery shopping these days I don’t have any space in my cart to waste! My boys are all big eaters and lets not even get started on my husband so I don’t have room to fit the whole carseat in the cart and take up 75% of the space!  This hammock is so cool because attaches to the cart and provides a hammock for your baby to safely lay in while you shop! No wasted space!
  • Rock N Play sleeper – This is a holy grail product, in my opinion!  Lance and I ALWAYS buy this for new parents, even if they didn’t register for it because I don’t think people understand how useful it really is!  It’s super lightweight and folds so you can easily travel with it or bring it with you when you go to a friends house or to the park.  It has an auto rocking function (which we actually never used with the boys, it was clunky and they loved the Rock N Play just fine without it!)

Thanks so much for following along and letting me vent to yall! haha seriously though, yall are the best.   DON’T FORGET, I want to know what products you love!  I feel totally lost! Comment below or on my instagram post with your favorite brands and products!

XO, Lauren

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