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5 Extra Things To Pack In Your Kids Backpack This Fall

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This post is sponsored by Sun-Maid®, but all opinions are my own. 

We are in the middle of such an uncertain time and it can be stressful for both parents and children! Whether you are sending your kids back to their school, doing virtual school from home, or attempting homeschooling for the first time, you have certainly had to make a tough decision. 

In this post, I’m talking about 5 “extras” to pack in your kid’s backpack that can make their days a little less stressful! (or to stock in their work station if you’re doing virtual school!)

  1. Healthy snacks – This is #1 for a reason! Our kids are used to being at home and having access to snacks all day long so it will be important to fill them up with nutrient dense, better-for-you snacks, and delicious meals when they start school! I love to pack a bag of the new Sun-Maid® Bites in each backpack because they my kids think they’re getting a treat, but I know they’re getting a great snack that will keep them feeling full! These easy to grab snack packs are in the granola bar isle of your local Walmart, but even easier, you can add them to your next order here! They are also running an Ibotta offer which allows you to save even more- learn more here. A few facts about our favorite snack: 
    • A better-for-you snack that tastes like dessert! 
    • Made with whole fruit, whole grain oats, and nuts 
    • Childhood favorite flavors all in one, delicious bite! (who doesn’t love PB&J, S’mores, & Birthday Cake?!)
    • Less than 5g of added sugar
    • Resealable packaging great for on-the-go snacking (plus it’s easy to sneak a few for yourself, mamas!)
    • No artificial flavors or synthetic colors 
  2. A good book for free time reading – We recently discovered the “Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker” series and our kids love them! It’s nice to have a fun book that they can read during free time or in the pickup line when they have to stay quiet!
  3. Notes of encouragement – This may seem like a no brainer but now, more than ever, it’s important that our kids feel encouraged as they get back to the routine of school. I like to keep about 10 little notes on hand for those busy mornings so they never go a day without one! 
  4. A special toy or lovey – This fall, I am allowing my kids to pack away one special toy, stuffed animal, or blanket into a designated pocket of their backpack. They know not to take it out in class but just knowing that it’s in there can provide an incredible amount of peace and comfort. Just be sure it’s small and meaningful! (And not electronic!)
  5. Kid friendly Essential Oils – This is a personal choice but I have recently discovered the power of real essential oils and it’s been a life saver!! Quarantine was incredibly stressful and uncertain so I was trying everything I could think of and we landed on a kid friendly essential oil company that has been so helpful! We picked a few that would benefit each of our children and we will definitely be sending little roller bottles with them in their backpacks!

What are you packing into your kids backpacks this fall? I’d love to know what I left off the list!

XO, Lauren

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