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5 Goals For The New Year

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New Years Eve Style

New Years Eve Style


It’s officially New Years Weekend! (Holidays should always fall on Monday’s… amiright??)  New Year’s always makes me so excited for a fresh start, new goals and time to remember what I’m thankful for and how to improve in the coming year.  Lance and I set BIG goals in 2017 and worked SO hard to achieve them!  So many long hours, all nighters and stressful days went into making Lauren James the best it could be in 2017 so we are wrapping up the year pretty dang exhausted, to be honest.  

I let myself get overwhelmed with that feeling of being “so busy” that I didn’t just sit down and enjoy moments. A lot of times even when I was home my mind was constantly running and I was never able to shut anything off. I realized that if you are working hard and not balancing the rest of your life, life really does become “work”.  There’s no point in working hard when you aren’t taking time to enjoy it so we want 2018 to be the year to slow down a bit and make some memories with the kids!

So with that being said, I’m taking a new approach to my New Year’s Resolutions this year.  Instead of setting goals that aren’t attainable, I’m focusing on self improvement little by little.

  1. RELAX. Last year even when I would be relaxing, taking a bath at night, I’d be in the tub with my phone responding to emails, working on my new blog, or coming up with new ideas for Lauren James. In 2018, I want to deliberately set aside time to relax and recharge. Yes, I realize I am going to be scheduling in time to relax.  Sounds like an oxymoron but I am excited to give it a try!  I will literally be turning my phone on silent and putting it in another room so I don’t get distracted and actually relax. By scheduling in time to really relax, I can focus my day on working as hard as I can because I know I will have 20-30 minutes to really relax and unwind later in the day.
  2. GET ORGANIZED. Since I want to be completely transparent, I’m going to share something with yall….. I’m a completely unorganized, messy person.  I don’t know what it is!  Clutter just doesn’t bother me like it does Lance and so I sometime let things get unorganized and sloppy at home.  I know how much he likes a clean house and how much it helps him relax so I’m going to be spending 2018 working towards becoming a more organized person.  Not only will my husband be able to relax, but maybe I will learn that I actually do like being organized!
  3. BE PRESENT. There are so many times when I’ve said to the kids this year, “hold on, Mommy is working right now.  I’ll play with you when I’m done.” or something along those lines.  It’s hard being an entrepreneur because it’s really not a 9-5 job. It’s 24/7-365 and then some!!  I know that if Lance and I don’t go the extra mile for Lauren James, no one else will, so we oftentimes find ourselves working overtime to meet deadlines or goals at work. That is great and part of the job, I get that… HOWEVER, I want 2018 to be the year that I actually put my work down for a few hours after the kids get home from school to talk with them about their day, play silly games, and make memories!
  4. TRAVEL. Duh, right?  Who doesn’t want to travel?  Well it’s a little different for Lance and I because we are so used to putting every extra dollar we make back into the company and we hardly ever travel!  We actually just took our FIRST non-work related family trip last year since having kids and starting Lauren James 4 years ago!  Yall, that is not healthy!  Traveling is something we want to do with our family and it’s important to us to show our kids new places and teach them about our world so we are trying to save money this year to take a couple little trips with the kids! Even just a weekend road trip can make memories that will last a lifetime!
  5. BEING ACTIVE. This is a hard one for me.  Sometimes I’m super motivated and sometimes I’m just not into it, yall!!  However, there are so many studies that show that even just 30 minutes of activity, 3 days a week positively affects almost every aspect of your life: health, happiness, love life – everything!  And we can all agree that cute workout clothes help A LOT. I don’t know why this is, but it’s SO true! For Me, personally, I am so much more motivated to work out when I have cute coordinating workout clothes which is why I am launching my new activewear line for Lauren James!  It is called ACTIVATE which I love because the word means “to make active”.  I wanted to design pieces that would motivate me to GET ACTIVE so with this new collection launching in January, we can all ACTIVATE together!

OK, I know that was long but I’m really excited for my 5 big New Years goals of 2018!! What are your goals and resolutions this year??


XO, Lauren

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