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5 Ways To Stay Motivated

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How To Get Motivated


Hi Friends!!  I am so excited about this post because one of the questions I get asked most is about being a #momboss and how I balance home life and work life!  To be honest, as much as I LOVE my job, I often times have to really focus on motivating myself to keep the train rolling, if you know what I mean!

I feel like by the time March gets here, I am already losing some of my NEW YEAR NEW ME mindset so I think this id the perfect time to focus on getting those tasks on your to-do list completed!  So whether you’re needing motivation to get through your work day, or simply get that laundry folded, these 5 tips should help!

Think about your long term goals

When I’m struggling to get something started I think about. my long term goals.  It’s easy to put off certain tasks but if you think about how it will effect the big picture. If I am struggling to find the motivation to get a market trip scheduled (because who likes looking for flights!?) I just think about how much that market trip is going to positively effect my business and suddenly I am excited to get it scratched off my to-do list!


Celebrate when you cross something off your list

This is a big one.  I typically fall back on this tactic when I’m doing something I REALLY don’t enjoy.  Like waking up early to go to the gym!  Would I much rather sleep in? YES. But I know that if I don’t get up early to workout, I probably never will! So I like to reward myself with cute new workout clothes whenever I do hit my goals!  You can also do something smaller, more frequent rewards, like waiting to pour yourself a glass of wine until you finally get that big report finished up!

Stop trying to be perfect

This one is hard for me but also so important!  I sometimes put off tasks if I think I won’t be able to do them quite perfectly yet (I’m an over thinker) so I have to remind myself that it’s more important that I get my task COMPLETED as opposed to wait until it can be perfect!


Break up your goals

Do you ever put off tasks that seem too big to handle?  I know I do!  For example, If I need to clean my WHOLE house, I don’t put CLEAN THE HOUSE on my calendar because… who wants to do that?!  What I do is put small tasks throughout my week and just do a little at a time until it’s done!

Set a time limit for yourself

This trick works almost every time!  If you’re struggling to get motivated to go to the gym, just tell yourself you only have to stay for 10 minutes.  9 times out of 10 you will end up staying longer but if you don’t, that’s fine too! At least you did it!

I’m sure I could get more specific but if you’re like me, you don’t want to read something long and overwhelming when you’re already struggling to get motivated, am I right!?  I’d love to hear what y’all do to get motivated, so let me know in the comments!


XO, Lauren


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