About Me

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Hey, Yall!!  Thank you so much for following along!  I’m Lauren, a mom of 3, Forbes recognized business owner, former fashion designer, lover of the outdoors, and the founder/CEO of a new wine brand called Hey Mama Wines!

I started my blog a few years ago as a creative outlet and it’s so fun to see how I’ve grown through the process! Since starting my blog, we’ve had another baby and moved to the beaches of Florida in an area called 30A! We have always loved vacationing here so when life gave us the opportunity to make a big move and make some memories, WE TOOK IT!

My husband, Lance, and I have 2 silly little boys and a sweet baby girl!  Lofton is 7 and Linden is 5 and Livingston (Livie Kate) is almost 2. Our life with them is just as crazy as you are probably imagining!  But if you follow my Instagram stories, you already know that!

On my blog, I’ll be sharing everything from my favorite fashion trends and skin care secrets to yummy recipes and gardening hacks! I truly love so many different things and I love being able to share what I’ve learned with all of you!

Thank you so much for following along, y’all!! I seriously love you more than you could imagine!

XO, Lauren