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Baby Stokes #3 Gender Reveal

Hello Hello Hello!!!  First and foremost, thank you all for following along with this journey, it really means a lot to be able to share all of this with y’all.

Before I get started, I wanted to apologize for being a little silent on social media and the blog over the past few weeks.  I have just been feeling off, and in a lot of pain and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing it but as of Friday, we know exactly what it is, and we know the baby is safe and unaffected so PRAISE JESUS!!  But that being said, I will probably be a little quieter than I had planned throughout this pregnancy because unfortunately, with the diagnoses comes the inability to treat the problem until after the baby is delivered.  So although we are both safe and healthy, I will be in pain ranging from “uncomfortable” to flat out bawling my eyes out and unable to even lay down.  (yay!) But I promise not to go all Kylie Jenner on y’all because I do love you and want to go through this WITH you instead of in total privacy.

I know most of you are here for the gender reveal so I will just go ahead and start with that!  So with this diagnoses, there is an unlikely chance that I will have any more babies after this one.  You may not know, but Lance and I have always wanted a really big family. We assumed we would have 4 kids but he did once agree to keep having kids until we had a girl!! haha  So although this diagnosis is safe for my pregnancy, it is a real bummer and not conducive to my lifestyle… which involves being pain free, playing with my kids, and getting out of bed every once in a while!! haha

SO, that being said… the final biological Stokes baby (because adoption is always an option if we wanted more!) is a……. GIRL!!!!!

Dress: Lauren James


YALL, I’m crying just typing this.  God KNEW that I needed my two sweet boys even though I always wanted daughters.  I’m so thankful that God knows what is best because I can not imagine life without Lofton and Linden! But he also knew that they would be the absolute BEST big brothers to a baby sister and that she would grow up with Lofton’s sweet protection and Linden probably buying her beer before she’s old enough…. 🙂 But what is funny is that Lofton KNEW it was a girl.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant he calls her a “she” and talks about his baby sister.  Every night during his prayers he thanks Jesus for giving him a baby sister and I have to interject “OR a baby brother!” haha Of course Linden said he wanted another brother but he’s only 2 so he’ll adapt! 😉

So now on to my medial issues. (and remember, I’m no doctor! But I do trust mine… so while I fully understand your concerns for me, please keep your opinions to yourself if you don’t agree with something.. and remember I got this diagnoses when I was in extreme pain so if I mess up a detail I’m sorry, but I wasn’t fully comprehending what was happening because I thought there were knives in my pelvis…)  OK.. so during my ultrasound at 15weeks + 3 days, when we found out that we were HAVING A GIRLLLLL.  (sorry, still thrilled) I was also in a lot of pain. The doctor told me that UTI’s were very common in pregnancy and that it was probably just that! So I did a urine test and went home.  About 4 hours later she called and said, no, I didn’t have an infection so she wasn’t sure what it could be but it was probably just ligament pain.  Which I had with my other pregnancies when my belly was stretching out so I agreed.  However, as the day progressed (this is Monday, remember) it got worse and worse! I was texting with my doctor and telling her my symptoms and she thought it could be kidney stones so I stayed hydrated and tried to pass it… but nothing was passing!  Ok, now it’s Tuesday at around 2pm and I call her BAWLING because I can’t sit, can’t lay down, can’t stand… can’t function.  I’m in the most excruciating pain and the worst part is that I didn’t know exactly why I was in pain or if the baby was ok! So I was rushed to the clinic for another urine test and ended up getting a prescription for pain medicine and an antibiotic just incase until the tests came back.  Since it was late in the day they didn’t get my results back until late Wednesday but thank goodness for Percocet (which is safe in small doses and infrequently throughout pregnancy) because although it didn’t relieve all of the pain, I was able to rest and honestly didn’t really care about the pain… (i.e. I was kind of high!) But on Thursday morning they got more results back that again showed there were no problems.. no infection, no blood in my urine (that would signify a kidney stone) and the baby was fine.  But still in excruciating pain, my doctor wanted me to come in on Friday to get a full ultrasound and check the baby but also check my kidneys and everything else!  So Friday rolls around, I’m hardly able to walk. But laying in the ultrasound room, the tech checks my kidneys, perfect.. checks my ureters for blockages like stones… perfect again.  And then I ask if we can check the baby so we do, she is still a girl and still perfect as can be! But while looking around the tech notices a fibroid next to my uterus… a MONSTER 9cm fibroid.

So for those that don’t know, a fibroid is a benign tumor that is pretty common in women but much more common in older women.  There are 4 main types of fibroids and some can majorly effect your ability to get pregnant at all, and some can cause miscarriages in the first few weeks of pregnancy so again, PRAISE GOD that I had the type that doesn’t effect pregnancy or fertility whatsoever.  But I had never had fibroids before so this was a new thing that developed with this pregnancy.  And the extra estrogen from having a girl was causing it to grow and GROW so it’s now 9cm long!! And growing about the same rate as baby girl!  So it feels like I’m growing twins, although only one is a baby and one is a tumor.  This fibroid is outside of my uterus so the baby is totally fine! But it’s down in my pelvis and pressing on a lot of nerves causing all of my pain and it’s rapid growth isn’t helping at all!

So long story LONG.. (sorry about that) I have a diagnosed issue that won’t cause any harm to baby GIRL but unfortunately there is nothing they can do about it for now.  So while everyone is safe, I will have to endure the pain for the rest of my pregnancy.  Obviously I’m not going to stay on pain meds the whole pregnancy, I just had some for the first few days of the pain and now I’m living on prayers and Tylenol!  There are just a few possible complications that aren’t too serious, one being that it may irritate my uterus later on and cause me to go into preterm labor, but I’ve been-there-done-that and I trust that modern technology will keep us both safe in that instance. The other complication is that, depending on it’s position later on, I may have to get a C-Section if it’s blocking her exit door! If it’s above the uterus I can deliver as normal but if it’s below, she will have no way of getting out with natural labor. And y’all, I’m FINE with that.  I would of course love to have the experience of pushing baby girl out but her safety is most important so I’m totally fine with whatever we have to do to make that happen.

So I don’t exactly know the plan for after I deliver, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it!  But for now I am just as thrilled as can be that my family gets to enjoy two sweet handsome boys and a baby sister!!! I know a lot of people have trouble conceiving at all so I’m praising God for allowing me to not only get pregnant for the third time, but for giving me the daughter my heart has always wanted. Now lets just hope she loves bows and seersucker as much as I do!!!

I also need to dedicate a paragraph to Lance. I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING around the house this week… like anything at all. He has been taking care of me, and also taking care of the kids from getting them ready for school, cooking breakfast driving to and from school, making dinner, cleaning the house, and putting the kids to bed.  Without even seeming the slightest bit annoyed by it.  I know I can’t help my medical condition, but it is kind of a burden on everyone but he has been doing everything to make me more comfortable while completely handing everything at home!  Serious super dad status! So Lance, thank you so much. I love you to the moon and don’t know what I would do without you!

Sorry that was so long but thank you all for being there for me through this challenging time.  If I’m a bit quieter than usual, it’s because the pain is just too much for me to even get ready for the day and who wants their picture taken in a 2 day old sleep shirt and greasy hair?? It’s going to me a no from me, dog. (in a Randy Jackson voice, of course).  But I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking what people can do to help and really all I ask is that you keep us in your prayers when you can!  Thank you all for your sweet thoughts and prayers and kind words! I love you all so much and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new discoveries!!


XO, Lauren

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