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Bumpdate – 20 Weeks

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I can’t believe we are already half way through this pregnancy!  I heard conflicting opinions about the third pregnancy… some people say it feels like it lasts FOREVER but it’s been flying by for me!  And IT’S A GIRL! Like, what!? I’m still in shock!  We didn’t do the blood test to find out the gender but we did do an ultrasound at 15 weeks where we found out she was a SHE!  However, 15 weeks is still a bit early to be totally sure of the gender and although the ultrasound tech was certain, I was still skeptical! But that is the same week I got really sick so I had 2 more ultrasounds and had her check each time just to make sure! haha  I actually started having dreams last week at 19 weeks where I went back for my 20 week appointment and found out it was actually a boy!!!  Which would have been fine… but I am so excited it is confirmed that we are having a GIRL.  (And yes, all caps means I’m yelling it at you) haha

I didn’t have a shower with Linden since he was my second boy in 2 years but I do think I’ll have a shower with this baby since it’s a girl AND since I haven’t had a baby in 3.5 years so there are so many new things I will need!  We actually got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved into our hew house over a year ago so I need to figure out what we kept and what we will need!  But registering for the shower is HARD. Yall, I’m totally clueless on what I’ll need! You would think I was a first time mom but nope… I’ve done this twice before, I should know what we’ll need by now! haha I think I’m still in shock that we’re having a girl!

HOW FAR ALONG: 20 weeks! Baby is the size of a banana [6.5 inches and 10 ounces].

DUE DATE: September 21st

NAME: I have had her name picked out for YEARS. (Thank goodness Lance is easy-going.  He always goes with the flow when I make decisions, I’m glad he didn’t put up a fight about baby girl’s name! ?) But we aren’t sharing the name quite yet!  We will probably wait until she arrives to share her full name but her initials will be LKS, just like mine!

CRAVINGS: Just like with my 2 boys, I haven’t had any SERIOUS cravings.. like “OMG GIVE ME PICKLES NOWWWW!” haha I don’t know if cravings like that are real or if they just happen on TV.  I mean, I really liked fruit in my first trimester, and now I like ice cream and sweets but I think its because those things are just good! I think I’m just giving myself an excuse to eat those sweets now that I’m pregnant (sweet AND pizza and burgers and everything else that we try to avoid in preparation for the #summerbod) but overall, nothing too crazy in this second trimester. I decided I do need to try to be a bit healthier so…. prayers for that.

AVERSIONS: Again, nothing really.  Meat was a little weird to me in the first trimester but I’m back to eating all of the things now! haha Actually I don’t think there is anything that is grossing me out right now.. making it really hard to eat healthy! (I’m so jealous of those girls who are like… oh when I was pregnant it make me sick to even THINK about greasy hamburgers) hahaha…. nope, not me. gimme all the hamburgers!

Fibroid Update: haha I’m laughing at the fact that this is even a category but yall know I’m an open book so why not include my health scare update!?  For those that don’t know, I was in EXTREME pain in week 15 to the point that I was on prescription pain medicine around the clock an couldn’t even get out of bed without assistance.  It was so scary because the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong because all of my labs were normal!  They first thought it was severe kidney stones. Turns out, after 2 more ultrasounds and more testing, I had a 9cm fibroid growing very rapidly on the outside of my uterus.  I’ve never had fibroids before so this was shocking! But my uterus was pushing it, and it was pushing onto my nerves which was causing all of the pain!  Just knowing that everyone was OK and it wasn’t effecting anything made it a LOT better.   And I’m so pleased to report that I’m in a lot less pain now that the baby has “popped” up! it’s not pushing on any nerves and the fibroid tumor stopped growing (#blessed) so while I do look like I’m carrying twins at the moment, I’m feeling great! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers regarding my pain over the last month!

Symptoms: Exhaustion, round ligament pain (which is just the ligaments in my stomach stretching out causing pain), trouble sleeping, peeing like crazy (which is causing me to have even more trouble sleeping), and crazy hormones. Poor Lance… I’ve been a bit crazy over the past few months! I cry at the drop of a hat when watching movies, even if they aren’t sad!  And I get frustrated at myself for silly things and get myself worked up… But overall that doesn’t happen TOO much so it’s been ok!

 Physical Changes: I mean… Let’s get real, my bump is HUGE. It’s the same size as my first bump was the day I delivered!! I’m even waddling like crazy already!  But surprisingly, I’ve only gained around 8lbs so it’s not from over eating and taking time off from the gym (or any real physical activity) over the past month. It’s just a big 3rd baby bump!  Before I was pregnant I wouldn’t be caught dead in leggings outside of the gym! It’s just not my style. But I have been wearing leggings a lot and finally transitioning into maternity clothes and this bump is loving it! Although I still wear some of my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans and just leave them unbuttoned.  (life hack… use a hair tie to loop around the button of your jeans to give yourself a bit more room!) And I am still breaking out on my face like crazy!! I guess the old wives tales about having a girl are true!! She is stealing all of my beauty! haha  But what can ya do. No stretch marks so far, I didn’t have any with my other 2 babies so I’m hoping my genetics will save the day again on this one! (thanks, mama) I do apply cream daily, though. I’ll share more about my favorites below!

Most Excited About: Starting her nursery! I haven’t done a DANG thing, yall!  I have a few different themes picked out but they are so different!  I like either a classic feminine floral room, or a trendy palm beach theme! I can’t decide! I’m also excited about her clothes!!!! ahhh yall. BABY GIRL CLOTHES! I have already been buying so many things and you better believe she’ll have a bow on every single day!


For Mom:

  • Moonlight Pajamas – It’s no secret that I love the pajamas! They are not maternity but they are SUPER stretchy and I am practically living in them right now!  They button up the front so they are perfect for nursing after the baby comes as well!  They come in a summer version too with shorts and short sleeves! I have the floral set right now but I’m buying this set next!
  • Cosabella Nursing Bras – Like with my boys, I’m planning on nursing this baby at least for a few months, so I’m starting to stock up on nursing bras. This one is gorgeous and also comfortable.  It’s perfect for days when you want to feel a little more put together.
  • Medela Nursing Sleep Bra – These bras are great for sleeping (when you still need to keep those nursing pads in place) and for days you are just hanging around the house. I lived in these through my last 2 pregnancies so they are a must-have in my opinion!
  • Ingrid & Isabel – I just love this brand for cute tops and dresses! This is one of my favorite comfy dresses, comes in so many colors and works throughout your entire pregnancy and it’s currently ON SALE. I also love this top! I just ordered it last week and I’m already in love!
  • Denim Shorts – I personally love my LJ denim shorts and they are stretchy enough to work under the bump until at least month 7 BUT they are all gone…. These shorts sold out FAST at our warehouse sale so make sure to snag the things you want pretty quick because stuff does sell out! If you don’t have an LJ pair, this pair is something you should stock up on for spring and summer! Maternity clothes aren’t always the easiest to find cute options, but these shorts are definitely win.
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – The best for preventing stretch marks! I used all throughout my first two pregnancies and didn’t get a single stretch mark. As soon as I found out I was pregnant again, I started using it. I apply every night and after I shower.
  • Snoogle Pillow – The best invention ever. Being pregnant makes it really difficult to get comfortable in bed. I’m a back sleeper and you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back while pregnant.  With my last two pregnancies I would sometimes move around in my sleep because I wasn’t comfortable and wake up on my back anyways! This time around I’m doing things differently.. this pillow makes it comfy to sleep on your side so no need to worry about moving around in your sleep!

For Baby:

  • DOCKATOT – These are all the rage right now!  While they are a bit pricy, every single review says they are 100% worth the price!! We didn’t have one with the boys so I’m anxious to get my hands on one for baby sister! It’s perfect for lounging and making sure your baby is safe when not in your arms.
  • Baby Bling Headband – I love these bows because they have a super comfy jersey headband attached and they are machine washable! I’ve already started stocking up on these adorable bows!
  • Copper Pearl bibs and swaddles – The softest materials and I love the adorable bandana bibs! We loved these for the boys but it was fun to pick out new prints and colors for baby girl.
  • Aden and Anais swaddles – always love the prints on these muslin blankets. So many great colors and patterns! Also love LOVE their bibs!
  • The Ollie Swaddle – I’ve been eyeing this swaddle for a while and I’m anxious to get one for baby girl! It’s supposed to help with the transition from the womb and helps to reduce the Moro [startle] reflex in babies.  So if your baby is having trouble staying asleep, this would be a great investment!
  • Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – OK, when I’m grocery shopping these days I don’t have any space in my cart to waste! My boys are all big eaters and lets not even get started on my husband so I don’t have room to fit the whole carseat in the cart and take up 75% of the space!  This hammock is so cool because attaches to the cart and provides a hammock for your baby to safely lay in while you shop! No wasted space!
  • Rock N Play sleeper – This is a holy grail product, in my opinion!  Lance and I ALWAYS buy this for new parents, even if they didn’t register for it because I don’t think people understand how useful it really is!  It’s super lightweight and folds so you can easily travel with it or bring it with you when you go to a friends house or to the park.  It has an auto rocking function (which we actually never used with the boys, it was clunky and they loved the Rock N Play just fine without it!)


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