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Christmas Card 2017

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Lauren Stokes Family Christmas Card Picture

Lauren Stokes Family Christmas Card Picture

Lauren Stokes Christmas Card 2017

Lauren Stokes family Christmas Card

Y’all, this face MELTS me! If you need any pictures of your sweet family or want to do a fun fashion shoot, call Kristen Herrington in Northwest Arkansas! She is fab!


Can you believe Christmas is HERE!   Y’all, I don’t know about you but I am still Christmas shopping!  One thing I didn’t wait on, however, was getting our Christmas card pictures taken!  This year we went a little more glam than usual and I LOVE how they turned out!  Kristen Herrington is one of our photographers for Lauren James and she always makes the models look and feel their BEST so I knew I just had to have her take our Christmas card pictures as well!!  (So if you’re in the NWA area give her a call!)  She is super fun to hang out with and the kids LOVED her! (win/win!)

My dress is from Lulu’s and I’m already trying to find more reason’s to wear it!!  Do you think I would get funny looks if I wore this to the office or to girl’s night??  nahhh!!  Their price point is amazing for statement sparkly dresses and they have A TON to choose from!!  I chose this one because it wasn’t too fitted in the hips but if you want a more fitted option, Lulu’s has so many to choose from!! I also LOVE this ASOS option for under $100!  I thought this dress was enough of a sparkly statement so I opted for no jewelry for this look.  One sparkly dress tip that I wanted to share was to make sure you wear neutral shoes so they don’t compete with your dress and make sure they are comfortable enough to walk in!  You’re already going to look like a walking disco ball, you better make sure you don’t trip while doing it!!

I love dressing my boys in matching outfits whether we are going to church, taking pictures, or just heading to preschool on a Tuesday morning.  I’ve actually dressed the boys in this outfit combo more than once already so I’m glad I purchased them good quality pieces from Ralph Lauren Kids that they could wear over and over!  Lance got his suit from Dillard’s in Fayetteville, AR.  It was incredibly easy, he went it to get fitted and walked out with a suit that same day!

Thank you all so much for the love over the past two weeks since I started my blog! I’ve loved being able to connect with y’all and share a glimpse of my life at home with these 3 crazy guys! 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!


XO, Lauren

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