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Daily Makeup Routine

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daily makeup routine

OK yall, I’ve been promising to write this post for weeks now and I KNOW I’ve been slacking on blog posts… HOWEVER… Since it’s Sephora’s VIB event I figured now was a great time to finally get around to this post!  I can’t wait to share my favorite makeup finds for every day and hopefully get you a deal on them as well!!

One thing about the VIB sale before I get started… the code is a 1 time use per email address!   So make sure you have everything you want before purchasing!

OK, lets get started!! I’m going to list the makeup I use in exact order I use them and a any little tips and tricks about them!

First: PREP YOUR SKIN.  This step is so important, yall.  I like to cleanse, moisturize and use a primer for those long days on a photoshoot set or if I have important meetings all day long


SPF Moisturizer

FAVORITE primer ever

Now that you’re primed and ready to go… lets get started on the fun stuff!!

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double-Wear in shade Ivory Beige.

(But I sometimes switch to pebble in the winter because it has more cool tones) I use THIS BRUSH to apply it if I want a lighter or buildable coverage and THIS BRUSH for photoshoot days when I need a thicker layer!

*If you need to even out your foundation, always go over it with a damp beauty blender!

Concealer: Urban Decay in shade Light Neutral

I apply this in a triangle under my eyes, down my nose, between my eyebrows, under my nose, and under my chin!  Use a damp beauty blender to blend!

Setting powder for concealer: Laura Mercier translucent

Use a small clean brush to apply this in the places you put your concealer AND under your cheekbones if you want to do a little extra contouring! Keep the layer of powder pretty thick for now, you’ll blend it in a minute!

Moving on to eyes while that powder sets!

I love this palette by Tarte.  It seriously lasts forever because it’s so pigmented and you can do a daytime OR nighttime look with the same palette.  Play around with it to find your favorite combo!

Eyeliner: NARS

I don’t wear eyeliner EVERY SINGLE DAY.  But when I do, I use this one! I have it in 3 colors!

Brown along lash line for daytime… if you have blue eyes you should seriously consider wearing more browns, it really brings out the blue!

Ivory for days when I have to be up early and haven’t gotten enough sleep… put it in your waterline and you’ll look wide awake!

Black along my upper lash line and in my waterline for nights out!

Back to your face!

Take a big powder brush and gently brush off the excess setting powder and then sweep the excess all over your face for a bit more coverage.

Bronzer: Tarte

I just feel like Tarte products last forever!  I love this bronzer for a  daytime look since it has a bit of a shimmer to it but I’ll use a more matte finish if I’m contouring which I do like to do… just not every day!

Just take a medium size brush and run it across your forehead, under your cheekbones, and under your jawline like the number 3.  Then put a bit on your neck under your ears for more definition if you want! (my favorite thing to do.. I do this daily and it really contours your jawline!) Then take a medium sized brush and go down each side of your nose and across the tip!

Blush: Tarte… AGAIN

Are you seeing a trend? I’m loving Tarte right now!  I love the color Peachy Pink but they have so many colors I suggest just looking through the swatches and picking one you think you’ll use the most!


I would love to get my eyebrows microbladed BUT you can’t do that when you’re pregnant SOOO I draw them in.  I love this pencil from in the warm blonde color from Benefit because you can do more precise lines as well as fill them in!


I line my lips every single day.  I know that’s not a step most people would do for a day to day but I just love it.  I swear by Mac… they don’t sell Mac at Sephora so it’s not a part of this sale but I would never pretend I use a product just to link it in a blog post!  We keep it real over here, yall!  So for Mac (you can get it here) I use Soar for a darker pink color and Edge to Edge for a light pink! Those are the 2 I use the most!


(I told yall I would go in the exact order I use every day!) before doing mascara or lipstick I always spray about 5 sprays of this setting spray!  I swear by it. I’ve used SO MANY DIFFERENT setting sprays to try to find a cheaper one I love but I just keep coming back to this. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for and this one is the best I’ve found!

Let that dry for about 30 seconds and then move on to mascara!

Well, actually curl your eyelashes first! Always!

Then I like THIS mascara for everyday. It’s not too thick but does lengthen your lashes so you have a naturally flawless look without looking like you’re caking on the mascara!

For nightime, I will add a coat of THIS on top!  I SWEAR by this mascara, yall!  I always have it on hand!


Sephora has an AMAZING liquid lip stain that I always have on hand! (and it’s only $14 and lasts forever!) I keep it in 2 colors usually.  #90 and #13 are my favorites but they have about 50 colors to choose from!

If i’m not doing the lipstain I always wear Mac lipstick in shade Peach Blossom.  It’s my FAVORITE PINK LIP or I’ll wear Bare Minerals in shade XOX which the PERFECT neutral pinkish red.  I love this for everyday when I don’t want a bright pink lip!

OK, that’s about it, yall!!  I hope you got some inspiration to try some new products at amazing prices during this Sephora sale! (It ends on the 3rd!)

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