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Getting Your House Ready For Guests


OK friends, fall is officially here and It’s time to get your house ready for those unexpected holiday house guests! There are few simple things I like to do to get ready for guests, and a few small changes to current routines that help make your home a more “guest friendly” spot!

First and foremost, make sure you always have a clean set of sheets and clean towels in your guest room! Sometimes guests give little to no notice so make sure you do what you can to prep before hand! I also like to add bottled water, snacks, fresh soap, and a framed picture with the wifi password in my guest room!

All of those things are easy to remember. You obviously want your house to be aesthetically pleasing when company comes over! But I bet you are forgetting one little detail! Can you guess what it is??

Give up? Ok I’ll tell you! It’s your cleaning supplies!! I’m sure you keep a tidy home but what you might not think about is what chemicals you are putting around your house. If you have company with kids or pets you should seriously consider a powder cleanser that doesn’t have harsh chemicals!!

I’m talking about Bon Ami of course! It’s the brand you know and love, I personally grew up with a mother who used it weekly! And it’s made without any harsh chemicals and safe to use around kids and pets! You can use it on your pots and pans, glass, and enameled bakeware as well! I love it because I have a crawling baby who likes to put any/everything in her mouth so when I find a cleaning product that is kid friendly, you know I have to share!!

You can head to the Bon Ami website for tips on how to use their products as well as frequently asked questions! Let’s all be sure to have a fun, and SAFE holiday season with our guests this year and switch out our harsh powdered cleansers with Bon Ami!

XO, Lauren

This post has been sponsored by Faultless Brands, makers of Bon Ami. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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