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Green Chef Paleo Box Review (And Discount Code!)

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Meal delivery services are great, right?? I would like to meet the person who originally thought up this idea and give them a big ole’ hug because my life has been SO MUCH EASIER since discovering these things!  I mean, grocery delivery is GREAT, don’t get me wrong. I do it at least once a week. Yes, you read that right. I have to do it once, twice, and sometimes up to THREE times a week while my husband travels for work because as a working mom of three young kids, I don’t have time to grocery shop but I also don’t have a minute to spare on meal prep and planning!! This means that I sometimes forget important ingredients for meals when I try to cook for my family!

This is why meal delivery kids are so so amazing for busy moms! You get literally everything you need including the condiments in one easy kit that is delivered right to your door!! If you’re like me, you probably already know that there are about a million and one different companies to order your meal kit from. And trust me, I’ve tried most of them!!  But let me tell you, not all meal delivery kits are created equal, y’all!

I recently came to the conclusion that my body performs much better if I stick to a (mainly) paleo diet which means I avoid dairy, gluten, grain and soy. I like to focus on my fruits and vegetables but also like a little meat here and there! For this reason, I had actually given up on meal delivery kits. Sure most of them let you filter by “low-calorie” or “low carb” or even “vegetarian”. But I needed more than just “low carb”. I wasn’t focused as much on my carb counts as I was the nutrition behind the macros.


Y’all, did you know Green Chef lets you choose between balanced meals, vegetarian and vegan meals, and even Keto or Paleo meals? This was a game changer for me!!  Unlike most of the other low-carbers out there, I don’t like the Keto plan because dairy seems to aggravate my digestive system, and also because I don’t want to limit any healthy plant-based foods just because of their carb content! However, if you perform well on Keto or even just a balanced meal plan, GO FOR IT GIRLFRIEND!

That’s why I have fallen in love with Green Chef! The meals are delicious and most only take around 30 minutes to prepare! Again… great for busy moms! Since my kids are not gluten or dairy free, I do try to give them balanced meals but my husband and I have loved the ability to make yummy paleo meals without having to plan and shop for the ingredients for a completely different meal from the kids!

Green Chef was actually so incredible generous and gave me a link for you to shop and receive $75 off!! You can click HERE to view the menus and have that discount automatically applied! This is a great opportunity for you to try out their meals for yourself and truly see how much easier dinner time can be!

XO, Lauren


This post is sponsored by Green Chef but all ideas are my own


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