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How To Coordinate Your Holiday Style

how to coordinate your holiday outfits

how to coordinate your holiday outfits

how to coordinate your holiday outfits

how to coordinate your holiday outfits

Christmas is in less than a week!  Can you believe it?  Does anyone else feel like this month has literally FLASHED by??  I’m still wrapping the last couple presents for the boys but I’m pretty excited to relax and celebrate the holidays with my family.  One thing we look forward to each year are the annual holiday parties!  Believe it or not, we still have one more to attend!!!  Lance doesn’t realize this (so don’t tell him… haha) but I like to subtly coordinate our outfits when we go to holiday parties.  I’m not talking totally matching, but it’s fun to coordinate for pictures,  amiright?? 

I love a good theme!  This year I chose to go with a plaid theme for our whole family, but mixed up the colors!  I had this casual glam look in my head for weeks so when we were invited to an afternoon holiday cocktail party I knew it would be perfect for this look!  I paired my Lauren James boyfriend flannel with a gold maxi skirt that I found for under $60! This look would also look amazing with a sequin maxi!  

For the kids, I let them stay comfortable in their jeans and duck boots but decided to pair a tartan bow tie and suspenders for a vintage holiday look!  Yall know I love my boys to match so this was super fun to plan!  You can’t tell in these pictures but Lance also wore plaid socks to match!!

With that being said, I have 3 tips for coordinating your family’s outfits, or picking outfits for you and your man without looking too cheesy!

1) Coordinating Color Accents: Overdoing bright colors or matching exact prints with your main pieces can come off too strong so I like to plan my outfit and then let my man’s (and my kids) style show through while still trying to match our accessories!  It’s also fun pair less common holiday colors with your typical green or red.  I love mixing in cranberry or gold accents as an alternative to the typical holiday colors.  I know I didn’t exactly follow this tip this year, I took a risk and chose patterns instead of colors and it totally paid off!! So just do what makes you feel comfortable!

2) Incorporating Texture: Another great way to coordinate with your hubby or boyfriend without looking too matchy matchy is by mixing in some cool textiles to your outfit.  For example, I love wearing a suede heel and matching the color with Lance’s jacket or wearing a velvet dress and having my boys wear velvet bowties!  

3) Dress for the Occasion: Looking like you are all going to the same party is half the battle!  I don’t know about you, but it seems like my guys always try to get away with dressing down so when I can convince them to get fancy, it’s extra special!   It’s fun to feel festive together and I just love seeing my baby boys in cute little suits or bowties… and I know I’m not the only one who thinks there is something sexy about a man in a suit!


XO, Lauren

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