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What I Wore: Labor and Delivery

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Heading to the hospital to have a baby is stressful enough! You don’t need the added stress of packing SO MANY THINGS because you aren’t sure what to wear!  I actually WAY overpacked this time around… (I’m talking 4 pairs of the same Pajamas) So I wanted to write down EXACTLY what I wore so you won’t make the same mistake I did!! These are my favorite pieces of clothing to wear during your hospital say as well as what I wore home from the hospital!

First of all, when packing your hospital bag, remember that you are NOT going to miraculously be skinny again.  Yes, the baby is now in your arms instead of in your belly but you’d be surprised at how pregnant you’ll still look! Make sure to pack comfortable clothing with that in mind!

What I wore during my hospital stay:

  1. My go-to pajamas – I usually wear these pajamas in the long sleeve version but for the hospital, I got them in the short sleeve version.  Since you never know how warm/cold it would be in the hospital it’s best to dress in layers! So I wore these pajamas and made sure to have a robe and sweat pants on hand as well!
  2. Nursing tank with built-in compression band – Right after you give birth it feels as if everything is floating around inside of your belly!  It’s such a weird sensation.  I love this tank because it combines a nursing tank with a mild belly binder so it’s perfect for in the hospital!
  3. Cozy sweatpants – These are a good, inexpensive, pair of sweatpants that are perfect for in the hospital! You want something dark in color (just in case!) but also lightweight and cozy.  These cotton pants are comfortable, stretchy, and perfect for throwing on to walk around your hospital room!
  4. A warm robe – Again, you never know if it will be warm or cold in your room so it’s important to have a good robe on hand! I love this one because it’s less expensive than the robe I wear around my house so if it gets dirty at the hospital, it’s ok! It also has a bit of a cropped sleeve which is great because the nurses will need access to your arms for blood draws and stuff so it’s easy to pull these sleeves up if you need!
  5. Slippers with a sturdy sole – My ride or die slippers!  These are warm, have a solid rubber sole, and will last your for years and YEARS.

What I wore home from the hospital:

  1. That same nursing tank – Again, I love this tank!  I prefer V neck tanks like this opposed to the kind that clips, especially in the beginning! It takes a minute to get into the swing of things with breastfeeding, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be!
  2. A cozy cardigan – I LOVE this cardigan. I have it in 3 colors already and it’s something I wear almost every single week, pregnant or not! I got my first cardigan before I got pregnant, the second while I was currently pregnant, and the third for post pregnancy.  So yeah, I kind of like this cardigan!
  3. Joggers – I love a good pair of joggers! These are cheap, come in a few different colors, and are stretchy and not too fitted.  Can you think of a better pair of pants for right after you’ve had a baby? (the answer is no)
  4. Slip on shoes – You know I had to wear my favorite slip on’s to home from the hospital!  You may associate this brand is outdated style but that is a thing of the past! Their new line is not only fashion forward, but SO comfortable! *BONUS* they are also 20% off right now!!

I hope that helped you mama’s-to-be with packing your bag!! I promise you won’t want to be hauling around a ton of stuff so make sure to pack light with only the things you’ll really need!!  Pro tip…  keep a few more items in the car incase you end up staying longer than expected (like if you have an emergency C section) but leave them out of your main hospital bag!

XO, Lauren

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