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Lauren James Pink Friday 2018

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As some of you know, Pink Friday has been around for a few years and is the name of our biggest sale of the year!!  This year is a little different because it’s going to be our last sale of this kind!  With that being said, prices are lower than ever!   A lot of people are confused why this is our “last Pink Friday” and really it’s just the last time the name Pink Friday will mean HUGE discounts!  So we are definitely going out with a bang!

With that being said, I wanted to help out out a bit and let you in on some inside secrets!  Such as…. extremely good deals and items I think will sell out the quickest!

Lets start out with some major deals! (if you want to just go ahead and shop, click here to go straight to the Pink Friday collection on our website!)

  • The Tailgate Dress is one of my favorite beach coverups and it’s on sale for only $12! At prices that low, you might need multiple colors!
  • The Baseball Logo Jersey is also on sale for $12.  I love this tee because it’s a bit longer in the back and perfect over leggings! I love to wear mine to the gym!
  • The Heathered Baseball Tee is just $11!!!  I love this tee because it has the perfect casual fit and an elliptical hem so it’s longer in the back!
  • Printed Scalloped Shorts are just $14 and Printed Poplin Shorts are only $13!! That’s literally SO low, yall!! And they come in the cutest prints!!
  • Scalloped Hem Poplin Shorts and straight hem Poplin Shorts are on sale for only $16! These are a great option if you want a more basic short that you’ll be able to wear over and over again!
  • The Hailey Dress is already a best seller so I’m sure it will sell out fast BECAUSE it’s on sale for only $15!! I love this dress SO much! I wore it last night to the ball fields for Lofton’s TBall game and was so comfortable!
  • Sports Bras are as low as $16 and all Activate is up to 60% off!! These are great quality pieces that you are getting at a major deal so make sure to take advantage of the price!
  • The Isla Tunic is my favorite one-size-fits-all top! It’s perfect as a cute top OR a swimsuit coverup! And it’s 65% off!
  • The Lainey is a crowd favorite and on sale for 65% off making it only $20!!!!  I have this in all 3 colors and love the soft material and LOVE that it has pockets!
  • BRAND. NEW. TEES. yes, you read that right.  We have a ton of NEW tee designs that we are launching just for this sale!  This one is my favorite! (and it’s only $8!!) All of these are just $8 or less as well!!

And now for the low-inventory products that will definitely sell out FIRST.  If you want one of these products, make sure you buy it now! (remember, items are not held if they are in your cart so make sure to get everything you want as quickly as possible!)

  • BAGS. Yall, if you’re wanting a tote or duffle you need to shop NOW. Stock is super limited!
  • Seersucker Dresses.  Our seersucker styles are up to 70% off!!! That means they will probably be the first to sell out! Make sure to shop these first!
  • The Seersucker Shorts are only $21 and already super limited in stock!  If you are wanting an amazing pair of seersucker shorts, make sure to shop NOW!
  • Outerwear… there are select outerwear pieces online for REALLY low prices. We only have 4 styles online so be sure to grab one if you want it!
  • Seersucker tops like the Cassidy, Layla, Cameron, and Sadie are all on major sale and have VERY limited inventory so be sure to grab those quick!
  • I know I mentioned Tshirts above in the SUPER discounts section… but because of this, they will definitely sell out. Tshirts are always the first to sell out so make sure to grab some extras to use as gifts!  And don’t forget, we added like 15 NEW STYLES that you’ve never seen before so go check them out!

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