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Lessons I’ve Learned From My Kids

Lessons I've learned from being a mother

It’s funny, before I became a mom I thought motherhood would be the easiest thing.  I blame my own mother for that… She always made being a working mom effortless!  We always had a clean house, ate breakfast and dinner as a family around the table, and I never saw my parents argue.  So imagine my surprise when I became a mother myself and I realized it was a lot of hard work to do those things AND keep up a full time job!

Being a mother has taught me so much about life.  I never knew I could love two little crazy, messy, loud boys so much!  And I can’t wait to watch them become big brothers to their new baby sister in the fall! It always surprises me how my kids each have such a different personality. They have to be parented so differently, they have different love languages, and they are all just so unique in their own way. As moms we continually feel like it’s our job to teach our kids, but today I wanted to share a few things that they have taught me.

Lessons I've learned from being a mother


My first baby, the oldest sibling.  I didn’t have any older siblings growing up but I can’t imagine a better big brother.  Lofton is extremely kind and has a high level of emotional intelligence.  He knows when people are hurting and tries to make things better for them.  He knows how to get his brother to behave when even I can’t!  Honestly, he’s move patient with Linden that I am sometimes! He always includes his little brother and helps him when he is in need which is such a blessing to me! He is SO excited to have a new baby sister in the family! Anytime we are out and he sees a baby he gets really excited and wants to just stare at them. He is seriously going to make the best father and husband someday!  He is also extremely intelligent and we learned at a young age that we can’t make up reasons for why things happen.  He wants to know the exact science behind EVERYTHING and he never forgets anything you tell him, even one time.  He has taught me to be a more patient mother and wife, focus on other people’s feelings above my own, and also to be a better teacher.  I’m having to remember back to my high school and college years and explain things to him in such detail and it’s so fun for us to explore the world together!

Lessons I've learned from being a mother


My baby.  Even with a little sister on the way, Linden will always be my baby!  He is silly and rambunctious and lives for making people laugh! He is probably the most care-free human I’ve EVER met.  Especially compared to his big brother who sometimes worries a bit too much for a kid!  Linden loves to play with other kids but is surprisingly independent.  He can sit and focus on a task for a long time without getting distracted (he didn’t get that from me!!) but once he is finished he is ready to laugh and play again!  He is always full of mischief but also the life of the party!  Everything is exciting to him and I love his outlook on life!  He is also the charmer of the family! He gets away with A LOT more than he should simply because he will bat his eyes and snuggle up to you and I swear you will just melt and give him whatever he wants!  Linden has taught me to be more care-free and not let the little things bother me.  If he wants to wear his water shoes to church…. well, fine. Who cares what shoes he wares at the end of the day? I’ve learned to let those things go and just enjoy our quality time!

Lessons I've learned from being a mother

I’ve also learned that even though I have been the same parent for the last 5 years, my kids are incredibly different and need different things from me.  Lofton is my calculated introvert and often gets his feelings hurt if he feels like someone is trying to exclude him.  Linden could care less about the way people think of him, but that makes it harder to get him to follow the rules sometimes!  It’s so funny how 2 kids who spend 100% of their time together can be so different.

I seriously can not WAIT to see how baby sister’s personality will develop.  And what she will look like!!  Lance and I are both 100% opposites so there is no telling what she will end up like but we are excited to find out!

XO, Lauren

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