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My New Business!!

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Ok fam!! Here we goooo! I have learned SO much about business and brand building and although I left my first company to pursue a happier life with my family, I think I’m ready to find a happy medium!! Because… once a boss babe, always a boss babe! 

I started my former business (my clothing line) because I was truly passionate about creating clothing for people to wear on all the important days of their lives! I had the BEST time working with my small team hustling and building a brand we all believed in. However, as time went on, we just grew wayyyy too fast all of a sudden, I had 120+ employees, thousands of products, hundreds of retail account and so many moving pieces that it was hard to take any time for myself and be with my family. 

Yall, it was hard! And busy. And time consuming. And I had to make an important decision. I was 29 years old and pregnant with my third baby so I made the decision to do what was best for my family and stepped away from my clothing line, selling it to someone who promised to run it in the best way he knew how. I then had a second decision. Do I stay and work for someone else or do I rewrite my story on my own terms?

Spoiler alert: I am rewriting my story! 

Mother’s Day 2019 had just passed and I was reflecting on the fun Mother’s Day themed gift boxes I put together for my friends. (you can see that post here!)  Yall, I had the BEST time putting these gifts together! I loved seeing my friends’ reactions to the gifts and my note telling them how much they meant to me and how strong, inspiring, powerful and courageous they were! Most of these women were working moms and getting a surprise note expressing my deep admiration for their hustle as a mother sent a few of them to tears (which of course made me cry too!!)

There is just something about giving a surprise gift that makes everyone involved feel so much better! Of course the recipient feels great, but YOU also feel great!

I had just come off a few hard years at my former company where I sometimes felt unsupported or misunderstood which can really send a girl in a downward spiral if you know what I mean! I decided right then and there that I was going to DO BETTER for women. I was going to create a product or a brand that made women feel POWERFUL, LOVED, APPRECIATED, & RESPECTED……. I just needed to figure out what exactly that would be!

So I was talking with Lance about it one day (and for the new faces, Lance is my husband and one of the BEST entrepreneurs in the world! He can start a business in his sleep and is extremely passionate about brand building)  and Lance asked me, “What are you passionate about? What do you like to receive as a gift? What makes you smile?” …… good question Lance. 

And wouldn’t you know… leave it to my kids to try to make jokes but really inspire me at the same time because Lofton and Linden both heard us and shouted, “MOM LIKES WINE!!” And as they giggled, I realized, they weren’t wrong! I do love wine, and even better, I love giving a bottle of bubbly to friends when there was cause for celebration so it was the perfect match!

So now I had my concept, I just needed a name! This was the hard part!  Lance actually called me up one day out of the blue and said, “remember those notes you wrote your friends for Mother’s Day? The ones that inspired this company to begin with? How did you start those letters?” and I said, without question, I always started with “hey mama!” It just felt natural, easy, relaxed, and friendly!

So yall…. Get ready to see Hey Mama Wines in a store near you very very soon!! This is my new baby, and something I am SO excited about!!  We are launching in the spring with an organic Brut sparkling wine and expanding our product offering throughout 2020 and 2021! I am SO excited to take you all on this journey with me!!

On top of having a totally organic AND DELICIOUS product, an eye catching bottle, and fun little add ons to help you give Hey Mama as a gift, we also have something that I am extra excited about!

We are donating 10% of proceeds to charities for women and children and and spending 5% of company time volunteering for these causes! I am so excited to have a product that is fun to give AND fun to purchase for yourself!! 

I’ll be taking you along as we work on Hey Mama but for now, go follow @heymamawines on instagram for fun BTS content and a huge giveaway happening early next year!! I could not be more excited and I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued love and support for me and my family!


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    Gina Harvey (@foodtheknow)
    October 22, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Heck ya. Congratulations on “Hey Mama Wines”. Super excited for you.

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