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The Best Canned Wine On The Market

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This post is not sponsored but it is slightly biased… haha

OK lets talk about canned wine. I’ll be honest with you, I was actually NOT about it at first! Wine in a can? Do we have no class? No culture?? Alas, I just popped a top on my favorite canned rosé as I sit down to write this and I’m reminded just how dang yummy and convenient it is!!

Lets talk about the absolute best canned wine on the market right now, Hey Mama Wines. Yes, it’s new to the market but the founders (who are incredibly smart and attractive, might I add) spent a year developing the perfect blend for their first product to market. (ok… I’m the founder.)

For real, for real…. I spent a lot of time on this so I wanted to give you my in depth review and let you in on a few secrets from the wine industry!

First of all, canned wine is literally NO different from bottled wine. We actually sell our rosé by the bottle to restaurants using it for frozé! The only difference is that it’s put into a can instead of a bottle. A lot of companies are putting their wine into cans right now because it’s just really freaking convenient! Going to the beach where glass isn’t allowed? BRING A CAN. Pool party?? CAN PARTY. Want a glass of wine but don’t want to drink the whole bottle? (I can’t speak from personal experience here but apparently some people don’t drink a whole bottle… Crazy, right?) DRINK A CAN!

You get the picture! You can get wine in 250ml or 375ml cans but the 375 is a little dangerous in my opinion! People (me) do tend to forget wine has up to 12% alcohol as opposed to beer or spritzers with around 4%. So it’s easy to get a little tipsy if the wine tastes good enough! Hey Mama Wines falls into that last category. It’s just REALLY good, y’all. And so smooth. So the chances of you getting a little tipsy while drinking it are like 99.9%.

Flavor Profile

The Rosé Bubbles from Hey Mama Wines is made in Washington from a blend of 60% Syrah, 38% Cab Sauv, and 2% Pinot Gris grapes.

As you pop the tab on this summertime favorite, you will find aromas of strawberry, honeysuckle, and honey dew melon. You then taste flavors of watermelon and strawberry with a delicate finish. It is a dry, low acidic rosé with strong fruit flavors which makes it perfect for every day drinking!

Where Can I Buy It??

Right now this rosé is sold online as well as locally along 30A in the Florida panhandle! However, if you are a store or distributor there is a wholesale request form on the website here!

Pro tip! You can save over 20% by ordering the Party bundle (15% savings) and choosing the auto ship option (10% additional savings) to be delivered every 30 days OR every 90 days! The Party Bundle has the equivalent of 8 bottles of wine!

OK Cool, How Do I Become A Brand Ambassador?

GREAT QUESTION! We have an amazing referral program that anyone can join! We pay up to 35% commission AND you can be placed on a PR list for free wine! We do want our ambassadors to actually love the brand before starting to promote it so we ask that you place your first order with the discount code AMBASSADOR and then try it. If you love it, you’ll receive an email with the details on how to sign up to the referral program! It’s literally THAT EASY!

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