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The Best Postpartum Clothing

postpartum clothing

*updated in 2021 with top postpartum clothing items available now!*

After 3 kids I’ve finally figured out exactly what I’ll need to survive the first few weeks with a new baby including the best postpartum clothing!  From pajamas to wear in the hospital, to clothing that will make you feel a little more like yourself once you get home, I’ll take you through everything I personally wore this time around!

Having comfortable postpartum clothing is essential for this newborn phase! Most of my postpartum clothing is cozy and perfect for lounging around the house BUT I also have a few pieces that are perfect for leaving the house with your new baby that is both comfortable AND nursing friendly!

What I am wearing around the house:

  1. Moonlight Pajamas – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!!  These Pajamas are PERFECT.  They aren’t too expensive, they are SUPER soft, and they are comfortably oversized.  They also have buttons down the front perfect for middle of the night feedings! I wore these before I was pregnant, while I was pregnant, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing them long after I stop nursing!
  2. Nursing/Pumping tank – I’m trying to build up a freezer supply so I love that this tank is nursing AND pumping friendly!  There is nothing more annoying than having to hold on to your pump with both hands for 20 minutes when you could be working on the computer, folding laundry (lol) or pretty much ANYTHING ELSE.
  3. Sleeping Bra – I live in these bras.  I don’t want to be messing with a clasp during the night but I DEFINITELY need something to hold those little pads in place because I tend to overproduce at night and nobody needs leakage on their PJ’s, am I right?? I wear them to bed every night and lets get real… I don’t change out of my PJ’s all morning anyways.
  4. A Cozy Cardigan – You do not need to be pregnant to LIVE in this cardigan, it’s perfect for anyone!  It’s a long enough to cover your butt but still looks put together! I promise it’s WORTH IT YALL!
  5. Another Cozy Cardigan – Because you can’t have too many cozy cardigans! This one is a bit longer and more like a blanket and cardigan in 1!
  6. A Sherpa Pullover – There are a ton of sherpas out there but this one is amazing, yall! It’s so cute you’ll want to style it for years to come!
  7. A Cute Tee – I love this one because you can unbutton it to nurse if you want, or just live your life in it! It’s SO cozy and lightweight so it’s perfect for layering! I have it in every color and I know you will too once you try it
  8. Sweatshirt – This sweatshirt is SO COZY! I love the super soft fabric and oversized, vintage fit!
  9. Cute Sweatpants – If you’re going to be in sweats all day, you might as well make it cute!! These pants are literally the coziest sweats I’ve ever owned and the fold over waist is perfect for new moms (also great if you are healing from a C-Section!)
  10. Black Leggings – THE. BEST. LEGGINGS. I have been missing these since getting pregnant because they are high wasted and not maternity but I’m living in them now!! They provide just enough support on my mommy tummy and are thick enough to hide all of my new bumps and lumps that gaining nearly 60lbs will get ya!
  11. Simple Sweatpants – These are the cheap pair I wore at the hospital but lets get real, I wear them almost every night! The rib knit is butter soft and for under $50 you’ll definitely get you money’s worth!!
  12. Soft Pocket leggings – Hear me out… These are the perfect combination of sweatpants and leggings and I never want to take them off!!!
  13. Short PJ Set – YALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MY PAJAMA SETS. So you can have full faith that I have found the absolute best pajama set out there! I have every single style this brand makes! These are short sleeve and shorts so they’re perfect for hot summer nights!
  14. This Robe/Cardigan Hybrid – yall.  This is the best invention ever! It’s a cardigan but has a sash so you can tie it like a robe.  It’s lightweight, BLACK (bless it), and ON SALE! I love to throw this on when I want to look less like a slob wearing a robe all day… while still wearing a robe all day.
  15. The ULTIMATE Cozy Robe – THIS. ROBE. I promise you, you want this robe for winter.  Heck, your mom, sister, best friend, and 3rd grade teacher from years back want this robe as well! So get yourself one and then get a few extras for Christmas gifts!
  16. Slippers – These aren’t your regular house shoes, yall. the rubber sole makes them perfect for inside OR outside.  You don’t have to worry bout switching shoes if you need to walk outside to get the mail or get your dog to come inside when he pretends not to hear you.

What I’m wearing to run errands:

  1. A cute Peplum – I love this top because it hides all of the postpartum mommy tummy situation AND it can hide the holiday bloat.  It’s a no brainer… everyone needs this top for emergency situations!
  2. A flowy top with a cute back detail – I love this top because it’s flowy enough for me to nurse underneath it and it also has a great back detail so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a paper bag!
  3. My favorite henley – This is a repeat from my “wear around the house” wardrobe but when something is this cute AND comfortable it’s great to wear anywhere you want!
  4. THE. BEST. SHERPA – Yall, a sherpa doesn’t have to be boxy and ugly.  This one has classy detailing like the gold zippers and gold tag and it’s double lined in sherpa so it’s just as soft on the inside as it is on the outside!
  5. Basic leggings – for the days when I’m just running errands and I want a good pair of basic leggings… THESE ARE MY GO-TO PAIR!  They are thick enough and suck me in all the right places while also being so comfortable!
  6. A long tshirt – This “maternity tshirt” is only considered maternity because of it’s added length.  Fun fact… I used to buy maternity tanks and tees in college because everything was so short on me and those were the only things long enough!  You don’t need a bump to rock a tshirt like this but it is certainly nice to have some added length to cover your bum if you’re not feeling in tip top shape!
  7. The ultimate cardigan – I get compliments on this cardigan every. single. time. I wear it.  You heard that right. It is literally my most complimented piece of clothing I own! I have it in multiple colors and wore it pre-pregnancy and I’ll continue wearing it for years to come, I’m sure!
  8. A cozy pair of joggers – It took me a minute to get on the jogger trend but I’m here for it! these are SO soft and perfect for running errands in yucky weather! And it doesn’t hurt that they are SO DANG CUTE.
  9. A nursing friendly bralette – Just because you are nursing doesn’t mean you can’t stay on trend with a cute bralette under your sweater! I love this one because it’s specifically made for nursing moms!
  10. Spanx leather leggings – Do I even need to explain these? haha first of all…. Spanx. Second of all, they are much cuter than your plain ole leggings so you can feel like you’re dressing up a bit! (They also have a maternity version!)
  11. A long cardigan – This cardigan is a DREAM. (literally… that’s the name) and it’s perfect for lounging around the house AND cute enough to wear around town!
  12. Off the shoulder top – I wore this top ALLLL throughout my pregnancy even though it’s not a maternity top… But I love it now that I’m nursing because I can wear my cute bralette underneath and it’s perfect for breastfeeding!
  13. Oversized sweater – You can never have too many oversized sweaters when you’re taking care of a newborn. TRUST ME. Even if you think you have enough, get this one. You’ll wear it even after you’ve lost all of your pregnancy weight because it’s just that cute!
  14. Cute Sneakers – Really any cute tennis shoe will do! I love these though because they have pink details, celebs love them, they look cute with literally ANYTHING, and they won’t break the bank!  They are supportive, comfortable and perfect for running around town! (they also come in black, navy and neutral colors if pink isn’t your thing!)

I hope that helped yall find some cozy clothes that will work even if you aren’t in the postpartum phase of life!

XO, Lauren

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