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The One Thing That Finally Made My Hair Grow (After Trying EVERYTHING)

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How To Make Your Hair Grow

How To Make Your Hair Grow

How To Make Your Hair Grow

How To Make Your Hair Grow


So… second baby hair is in full effect, y’all!  If you thought you lost a lot of hair after your first baby, just have 2 kids in 2 years….. next level hair loss!   And on top of that, my job is extremely stressful and honey, stress is not a good look on me!  It always causes my hair to start breaking off or falling out and I’m just not about that life!  So I’m trying to simplify my life and relax a little bit, but also taking more drastic measures to help my hair get back to where it used to be!

Y’all, I’ve tried EVERYTHING, literally, everything to get my hair to grow.  From the salon treatments, to switching to expensive shampoo for breakage defense, to sleeping with intense keratin masks in my hair.   I’ve tried all of the vitamins, improved my diet, and drank more water but still get extreme breakage!  It seems like my hair gets shorter every time I go to the salon but we aren’t cutting it at all.   And this is a new thing, it hasn’t always been this way! But when my second baby turned 1 it seemed to go downhill QUICK.

OK, I take back what I said…. I haven’t tried EVERYTHING.  There is one thing that has been proven to work but just isn’t an option for me!  I’m talking about putting down the styling tools all together and avoiding heat like the plague!  I get it, some girls have the luxury to let their hair air dry every day and have gorgeous mermaid beach hair while they frolic around their sunny ocean front property and live a stress free life.   NEWS FLASH… that is just not realistic for most of us!  I’m a working mom of 2.  I literally break out in a sweat in the mornings just trying to get myself presentable while also attempting to shovel some semi-healthy breakfast onto my kid’s plates and also get them to school on time AND also get myself to the office before my first meetings start.  (if I’m being honest, that rarely happens but I seriously try really hard)

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the CEO of a fairly large apparel brand with nearly 150 employees.  CEO + Fashion Empire do not exactly work with “air dried beach waves”.  Don’t get me wrong, some girls can pull that look off FLAWLESSLY.   But I just end up looking like a mixture of a wet golden retriever and a beach BUM.   So I’ve tried all of the heat protecting sprays, blow dry my hair on a low heat (even though it takes 42 years for it to dry) and setting my styling tools to a low/medium heat.  And this was fine, until one day my life totally changed!

One of my best friend’s is the owner of a hair salon called BLONDE in Fayetteville, AR.  It wasn’t until we were on our way to Miami for her sister’s bachelorette party that she finally realized what was making my hair break off so easily!  I was unpacking my suitcase at the hotel and she gasped at my 12 year old hair dryer!  Y’all, I’m frugal!  And it still worked so what’s the problem?  The problem is that the heating element was literally fried and it was overheating and ROASTING my hair!!!  Your blow dryer only lasts for about 300 uses before it starts to go down hill… and if it’s clogged up with dust it can go even quicker!

So moral of the long, dramatic story… make sure you are using a blow dryer that is up to date on the newest technology, and switching it up every couple years!! And you don’t have to spend a fortune!  I got a this blow dryer for less than $60 and it’s already doing WONDERS for my hair!!  So if you are using an old blow dryer, try getting a new one, and you and your hair will thank me later!!

PS: I’ve also linked my favorite hair products for anyone wanting to grow out their hair at the bottom of this page!!






(Disclaimer, I do have Hot Heads tape in extensions in these pictures for added volume… one step at a time, people! I said a better blow dryer can make your hair grow, NOT that it will also give you supermodel volume! haha  Be on the lookout for a post on my favorite type of hair extensions and which one is best for YOUR hair type!!)

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  • Reply
    January 9, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    Yes yes yes!! This reminds me that I need to order a new hairdryer myself! ? Cheers to healthier hair! And hot heads ? #strandsisters

    • Reply
      January 9, 2018 at 4:47 pm

      strand sisters FOR LIFE!!! hahaha I also like that when I link the pink Emerson dress, it’s a picture of you!!! love you!

  • Reply
    January 9, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Oh my goodness! I got a new blow dryer last year for Christmas and it changed my life! My hair changed almost instantly but I thought it was just because it was an expensive one and I had been using a cheap one! Soo good to know! I will def be switching out every few years!

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