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The Top 5 Houses for Playhouse Makeovers

Playhouse makeovers are all the rage right now. Especially with all of this extra time we have for DIY projects while we stay home social distancing! Now that Livie Kate is getting big enough for toddler toys, I wanted to get her something that was all her own! Poor girl usually gets hand me down trucks and dinosaurs from her brothers! So a pink and girlie playhouse was exactly what this little princess needs! 

I mean, look at how cute these are! 

Most of the playhouse makeovers on Pinterest are made from one of five common playhouse options, with slightly different price points and sizes. Some are currently sold out (due to so many people doing playhouse makeovers this spring!) but they frequently come back in stock! Below, I’m talking about the top 5 playhouse’s for makeovers, and showing you some Inso from my Pinterest boards! Be sure to follow along!

1 – Backyard Discovery Timberlake Playhouse. 

This low cost option for a playhouse makeover caught Cody’s eye (less than $200 at Walmart) and there have been some cute hacks using this exact house. It comes with a little half door that would be so cute painted pink or sea foam green, and has a built-in kitchen along the back wall. This is definitely one of the smallest (and most cost effective) options so I think we will probably end up going with this one since Livie isn’t even 2 yet!

$197 at Walmart.com

2 – Backyard Discovery Aspen Playhouse 

This house is similar to the Timberlake, but a few inches deeper and one foot taller. The website dimensions list this as more than 6′ wide, however that includes the fence and mailbox to one side, and the bench to the other. Leave those off to save space.

$314 at Wayfair

3 – KidKraft Greystone Playhouse

This playhouse is so darn cute. You’ll find a ton of hacks for this one! It’s a good size for an outdoor playhouse for sure!

$499 at Walmart.com

4 – KidKraft Hillcrest Playhouse

This one comes with a lighter stain on the wood so you wouldn’t even have to repaint if you didn’t want to! Paint the door a pretty hue of blue and you’re done! The Hillcrest could easily be transformed into an adorable cafe or bakery, with a large serving window. This is such a good option if you are short on time and just want to make a couple changes!

5 – KidKraft Georgian Manor

I love, love, LOVE the look of this one! It’s definitely a bigger option but your kids could really grow into this one, plus the options with all of that decorative trim are endless! 

$399 at Walmart 


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